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hello! welcome to the coven of gaia!

   every earth child and nature lover alike can come together within our coven to better protect Mama Earth. our journey is to spread awareness of how simple caring for earth can be, and how having an earth-conscious mindset can make the biggest positive impact. the products found in this sanctuary are all handmade and created by the CEO, Solstice Andromeda, who has shared this immense passion for preserving wildlife and the earth for years. supporting this business doubles as supporting the earth, as each order is shipped with recyclable or recycled packaging materials, and made with sustainable methods.

  embrace your compassion and help protect your home by planting a tree, skipping meat for a day, signing up for beach cleanups, spending a day picking up trash, researching how to properly recycle, the list goes on! small devotions every day will make the biggest difference in the future. start today and share your stories with the tag #thecovenofgaia on instagram or twitter!

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